Meet Jake

Our family has expanded by four very big paws!

Ever since we moved into our new house at the end of August we have been searching for a dog to complete our family. It’s something we have wanted to do for a while but while we were living at our flat it just wasn’t doable and wouldn’t have been fair on a dog. We had outgrown it ourselves, let alone adding a dog to the mix.

So we’ve spent the last few months searching for a suitable fur baby for our family. We didn’t have a specific breed in mind, we just knew we wanted a big breed. The main priority for us was finding a dog suitable to live with young children. We searched local dog homes and private selling pages and two weeks ago we found Jake!

Meet Jake!

Jake is a 3 year old Bullmastiff, he’s a big boy! His birthday is the end of July and he is such a big softie. He loves food, chewing rope toys, tennis balls and lots and lots of fuss and cuddles! He does have a couple of bad habits which are snoring and farting- omg does he stink. He can clear a room in seconds with the smell that comes out of him. Haha. He is gorgeous though so we can forgive him for that.

He’s been with us for two weeks now, we picked him up two weeks ago today actually. He has took being rehomed like an absolute star, we were expecting a rough few weeks with him but the minute he walked through our door he made himself at home. We’ve had no problems with him settling in and adjusting to our family life, he just seems to have fitted in with us so well and we feel like he’s been part of our family forever.

He’s crate trained so at night he puts himself to bed in his crate and that’s where he stays until the morning, not a peep out of him, ok except for his snoring which can be heard through the floorboards. Honestly! He sleeps downstairs in the kitchen and Fletcher and Edens bedroom is above there so I have no idea how they sleep through it! I find myself lay there at night in bed laughing to myself at his snoring.

He really is a beautiful boy and we all love him so much. Be prepared for doggy spam and pet posts now!


One thought on “Meet Jake

  1. What a beautiful boy he is. It’s so lovely that you got to take him in. I would love to have a dog from a dog shelter but have been advised that they won’t re home a dog to anyone with children under the age of 5 xx


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