10 ways I stay organised

Since becoming a stay at home mom of two I’ve become more organised, especially within the last year. I found there was too much to do and there were things I kept forgetting about with all the madness of raising tiny humans.

I decided I needed to get more organised to help me keep on top of everything and surprisingly, it worked! There are so many ways you can stay organised. I want to share with you guys some of the things that help me to stay organised and on top of everything, you never know it might help you too if you’re struggling a bit like I was.

1. Daily to do list
I love lists! By writing a daily to do list every morning it helps you to plan your day better. You can see what tasks need doing that day so a) you don’t forget, b) you can tick off the tasks as you do them, c) you can see what you have achieved today and d) it motivates you to just get the jobs done.

2. Meal plan
By planning your meals weekly it not only helps to keep you organised but it helps you stick to a budget by buying only what you need. It only takes 2 minutes just to write down your meals for the week.

3. Shopping lists
Whenever I go to the shops I have a shopping list with me. If it’s food shopping I have a paper list that I write out every Thursday and for any other shopping I have a list on my phone. You’ll never forget the things you need if you add them to your shopping list.

4. Diary organiser
I am new to this one, this is my way of being even more organised this year. I purchased a family diary that has a section in for everybody, it’s really good because the spaces are blank so you can fill in everybody’s names or what ever you want. I have my own section as does Fletcher, Eden, birthdays and I have labelled a section as other. So now I can keep on top of everybody, important appointments, dates, etc.

5. Storage organisation
Helps keep everything neat, tidy, in it’s place and you won’t lose anything. I am a bit OCD when it comes to storage organisation, especially Fletcher and Eden’s toys. All of the Paw Patrol toys have to be in one box, Peppa Pig in another, books are in size order and so on. Even our food cupboards have little boxes in for the crisps, Fletcher and Eden’s snacks and biscuits. My cleaning products have their own box as do sponges, clothes and wipes. I did warn you I am OCD.

6. Plan ahead
Family and friends always tell me how organised I am when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. I love the birthday card deals, 10 for £1. I always stock up on those, not only does it save you money but you can write out birthday cards in advance and if ever you need an emergency card, you’ve got one! If there’s an event coming up, a day trip or anything like that it’s good to plan ahead and get what you need for such events in advance. It really does save all the stress and rushing about and gives you more time for other things.

7. Set reminders
Most mobile phones have a reminders app these days or you could use sticky notes. Setting reminders are very useful if you have a busy lifestyle or you’re very forgetful like my other half. You might need to be reminded to take medication at a certain time each day or to make an important phone call or two or even when cooking.

8. Budget plan
Very helpful if you are on a tight budget and want to save. As only my other half is working at the moment we like to budget plan to get the most out of our money. Who doesn’t like to spend as little as possible anyway? I do joke and call myself tight but it works. Knowing how much you have to spend on certain things each week or month can really help save a lot of stress and worries.

9. Declutter
Every month or so why not go through things and get rid of stuff that is no longer needed. It creates more space and it’s amazing how you feel when you get rid of it all. I do this quite a lot with Fletcher and Eden’s clothes and toys, my clothes and books, any paperwork and things like that. There is also money to be made from your unwanted things if you wanted too or you could take them to a charity shop.

10. Get up early and get on with it
I am always up early (thank you Fletcher) but I find that by being up early means I get more done and I just get on with the day. By just getting on with it and blitzing through everything you have more time for other things and you can sit back and look at what you have achieved and appreciate it. It’s such a nice feeling by lunch time to sit down with a cuppa and know that you have completed what you wanted to do today and there is absolutely nothing to do.

Do you have any other organisation tips to share? Please do 🙂 I’d love to hear!


5 thoughts on “10 ways I stay organised

  1. I really need to take on your last tip! I am a bugger for just sitting there in the morning stressing about everything that needs doing instead of doing it. I’m not a morning person at all, seems to take me 3 hours and a gallon of coffee to wake up x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh sometimes I struggle to get motivated in the morning but by 8am I just tell myself to do it and do it whether I want too or not. Worth it in the end though x


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