50 ways you can practice self care

I’ve not set any resolutions this year, I never do because I never stick to them but if there’s one thing I want to do this year its focus on me a little more. I’m not just a mom, I’m me, Bex. I also need looking after in order to function. Being a mom your main priority are your children but that doesn’t mean you’re not important too, it’s OK to take some time for yourself, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

Even as I’m typing this I’m thinking yeah right, I need to take my own advice but where am I going to find the time, haha don’t be silly Bex! Are you thinking the same too?

I’ve been struggling with tiredness and feeling a little blue for a few months now, all I seem to do is be a mom, a cook, a cleaner and everything else! So that’s why I want to focus on some self care this year, try to find the balance between mom life and myself, start doing the things I used to enjoy doing.

So here are a 50 ways you could practice self care:

1. Have a bath
2. Visit a coffee shop
3. Read a book
4. If you haven’t already, start a blog
5. Have an early night
6. Binge watch your favourite show on Netflix
7. Enjoy a glass of wine
8. Have a mini pamper session
9. Go for a walk
10. Go shopping for yourself
11. Watch your favourite movie
12. Do some baking
13. Cook your favourite meal
14. Listen to some music
15. Colour
16. Learn a new skill/hobby
17. Light some candles
18. Have a nap
19. Have a pyjama day
20. Clear out your wardrobe
21. Eat healthily
22. Go to a gym
23. Go out for a girly meal at your favourite restaurant
24. Order a takeaway instead of cooking
25. Unplug from social media for an hour or two
26. search for some new blogs to follow
27. Work on a new blog post
28. Look through old photos
29. Create a photo album or scrapbook
30. Pick a room and clean from top to bottom
31. Play a game
32. Do some DIY
33. Do some gardening
34. Say no every once in a while, its ok
35. Call a friend or family member and have a nice long chat
36. Sit back with a cuppa and biscuits
37. Change your bedsheets before jumping into bed, nothing beats fresh bed sheets!
38. Do nothing
39. Make lists
40. Wear your favourite outfit and make up
41. Do your nails
42. Do your hair
43. Write a journal
44. Donate to charity
45. Take the dog for a walk
46. Treat yourself to something new, no matter how small
47. Clean up your social media accounts
48. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
49. Rearrange some furniture
50. Try something new



4 thoughts on “50 ways you can practice self care

  1. Your so right bex take some time out for yourself even if it’s 1/2 hour as you say you need some me time to being a mom is a full time job but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about yourself xxxxxxxxxxx

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