No bake Easter rocky road

I know it’s only February but I’m going to mention Easter, which means one thing: chocolateee!!

I love doing Easter bakes and cakes. There’s just so many recipes out there and a lot of them are so simple, quick and fun to do. You can’t go wrong with cornflake cakes, everybody loves those, right?!

I’ve been researching a few Easter bakes I’d like to try this year and the first one of my creations is a no bake rocky road using only 4 ingredients. Even better, it took about 10 minutes of prep and only 15 minutes to set, it’s as easy as it sounds and ohhh it’s so yummy! You just have to try it.

400g white chocolate
250g digestive biscuits
296g mini eggs
90g mini marshmallows

1. Break the digestive biscuits up by hand. They need to be small bite size pieces rather than crumbs so they add a bit of a crunch to the rocky roads.
2. Cut the mini eggs in half with a knife or place in a bag and crush using a rolling pin. If using a knife be careful. Don’t crush them too small.
2. Break the chocolate up into chunks and microwave for 30 seconds at a time making sure to stir in between each 30 seconds to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn.
3. Add the biscuits, mini eggs and marshmallows to the chocolate and mix together. Be sure to save some marshmallows and mini eggs for decoration.
4. Line a tin with foil and put the mix into the tin making sure it’s about 5cm in thickness. Use the leftover marshmallows and mini eggs to place on top.
5. Put in the fridge to set for at least 15 minutes.Once set cut into squares.

Enjoy! We certainly did!


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