My top 5 binge worthy Netflix shows

I love Netflix. I can always find something to watch and every show I’ve watched has definitely been binge worthy (in my opinion anyway). Once the kids have gone to bed and everything has been taken care of I park my butt on the sofa and log in to Netflix. I seem to get through my favourite shows so quickly that I am always looking for the next one to watch. So here are my top 5 binge worthy shows in case you’re looking for something new to watch:

Stranger Things – Drama/ Fantasy/ Sci-fi/ Horror/ Mystery
So far there are 2 seasons on Netflix, season 3 is being released some time this year and I cannot wait. This is definitely my favourite show on Netflix. It’s set in the 80’s in a town called Hawkins. Season 1 is all about a young boy (Will) who goes missing and his mom, friends and a Police chief face supernatural forces in order to bring him back from the Upside Down. Season 2 is set a year later with Will still being influenced from the supernatural forces of the Upside Down. His friends and family face even more dangers.

Riverdale – Drama
Teen drama based on characters from Archie Comics, Riverdale is a small town which seems perfect but all is not as it seems. After the death of one of the Blossom twins in season 1, all of the towns secrets are revealed. Although Riverdale is classed as a teen drama I really like it, once I started watching I couldn’t stop. It’s such an easy watch with plenty of shocks in every episode.

Bates Motel – Physiological drama
This is my current watch on Netflix and it’s based on a movie from the 60’s called Physco which I haven’t actually seen. It’s such a strange show but so addictive at the same time. It’s about a mother, Norma, and her son Norman who move to a Coastal town after the death of Normans dad so that they can start a fresh life. Norma purchases a motel for her and Norman to run together. You soon learn that Norman has a mental illness which only gets worse as Norma tries to protect him and everybody else from him. It’s not scary at all, it just gives you a bit of a creepy vibe.

Vampire Diaries –
Drama/ fantasy/ horror
Mystic Falls is a town full of supernatural beings. After Elena Gilberts parents die in an accident she tries to carry on with her life when she meets Stephen, a Salvatore brother, and falls in love with him. His older brother Damon comes to town and he falls in love with Elena too. Elena soon learns of the supernatural world around her and is quickly involved in that world. It’s quite similar to Twilight but has a slightly more grown up feel to it.

The Rain – Sci-fi/ thriller
A virus that is carried by rain wipes out almost all of the human race in Scandinavia. A family of four take refuge in a bunker and 6 years later two siblings emerge from the bunker and discover that civilisation has gone. They find a group of young survivors and together they make a journey to search for any sign off life. I really enjoyed this series and was hooked with every episode. I’m looking forward to series 2 airing this year.

Next on my list to try is You as I have heard some really good things about it so I absolutely have to give that a watch after Bates Motel. Do you have any recommendations to share too, I’d love to hear?


One thought on “My top 5 binge worthy Netflix shows

  1. My husband and I got rid of our dish network and quickly went to just an antenna that picks up basic channels and quickly jumped on board with Netflix & Hulu. This has not only saved us so much money but we feel like there is more bang for our buck too! We can always find something to watch and like you’ve found, we are always looking for the next thing to binge watch. Thanks for these suggestions. Ironically, we haven’t seen any of these yet. Some of my favorites have been The Ranch, Shameless, Girlfriends guide to Divorce, The Fosters and then their spinoff show called Good Trouble on Hulu.


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