Fletcher turns 4

The years just seem to be flying by and now my boy is a whole 4 years old!

The past few years we’ve had a little party at home with family and friends to celebrate Fletchers birthday but this year we chose not to have a party. Instead we decided to keep birthday celebrations just for us and grandparents, which turned out just as lovely!

Last Thursday Fletcher took a cake and some sweets into preschool for his friends and teachers to enjoy and by the sounds of it, they really did enjoy it and even sang happy birthday to him.

Saturday, the day before Fletchers birthday, we celebrated by having grandparents round for Fletchers favourite dinner, our local chippy. He absolutely loves having chips and sausage from our chippy which luckily is a quick 10 minute walk. After we ate our dinner it was time for the cake! We all gathered to sing happy birthday, Fletchers face was an absolute picture, he had the biggest smile on his face and then he blew the candles out all by himself. That night nanny and grandad did bed time with Fletcher and Eden at Fletchers request. That gave me a chance to wrap presents up and set up the decorations.

On Fletchers birthday we stayed in all day and had family coming and going bringing more presents which Fletcher loved! He loved seeing everybody, he was showing off so much with his new toys and giving out his cake. He’s had so much lego, the other half spent the whole of Sunday building up sets and there’s still a pile of 10 more boxes to go through. Rather him than me, haha. He also had a lot of PJ Masks stuff, surprise surprise, as well as summer clothes, Mr Bean DVD’s and ‘teddy’, books, bath bombs, PJ Masks watch, money and absolutely loads of cards. His favourite presents are definitely the lego!

He’s a very lucky spoilt boy but I think he’s had a lovely birthday weekend. He couldn’t wait to go to pre-school on Monday with his new PJ Masks lunch box and backpack.

I can’t believe it, 4 whole years of being a mommy already.




2 thoughts on “Fletcher turns 4

  1. Fletchers Birthdayparty was an unusual one a chippy party bless him he loved everiabout this day he’s such a caring little boy grandad Graham and myself (boy) absolutely love him to bits xxxxxx

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