10 signs you live with a dog

Jake has been with us now for 2 months and he has definitely, well and truly got his paws under the table. We wouldn’t be without the great big doofus now and everything that comes with having him as part of our family (OK maybe the farts, they are horrendously stinky!!).

There are certain things that he does or things I will find that just make laugh, smile and think of our jakey boy. I’m sure every dog owner is the same with their fur babies!

Here are 10 signs you can tell you live with a dog:

1. You have poo bags in every pocket. I mean every pocket, I’m not even joking. You put your coat on and wonder what the hell is in your pocket… Crumpled up poo bags. You sit down and wonder what you’ve sat on… Poo bags shoved into your back pocket.

2. Hairs, hairs and more hairs everywhere. How is my dog not bald? Am I ever going to get these hairs out of my rug, I swear I only vaccumed them up 5 minutes ago? I wish most of my wardrobe wasn’t black!

3. What the hell is that under my pillow?! This happened to me not long ago and it really made me chuckle. I’d just got into bed and found that Jake had buried his bone under my pillow.

4. What is that smell? Have you smelt a dogs fart? They absolutely stink! Jake definitely knows how to clear the room that’s for sure.

5. The dog looks so comfy there, I’ll just sit on the floor. Rather than move your dog because they look so cute and comfy you’d rather sit on your cold laminate floor.

6. You go shopping and always buy your dog something. You can’t go home empty handed, they’ll be sad!

7. You take 100 photos of your dog sleeping just because they look so cute.

8. What is this on my trousers? A lovely snail trail of slobber. Brilliant, I love you too buddy.

9. You have a basket of overflowing well loved, chewed threadbare dog toys. Let’s face it, they could probably do with being thrown out but you just can’t do it so instead keep adding more and more toys. You can never have too many cute dog toys for your fur baby.

10. You refer to your dog as a fur baby. You just love them so much and they’re part of your family, they’re your fur baby. You also talk to them like a baby too.



One thought on “10 signs you live with a dog

  1. This is all 100% accurate! We have a black lab who just turned 4 and her name is Haddie. Her nick name is Haddie-Haddie Chicken Patty. She is the biggest baby and scared of her own shadow most days, which is ironic because she is supposed to be a hunting dog. She is 60lbs but most days you will find her trying to fit her entire body on my lap to snuggle in. She’s embarrassed by her own farts most days and once she lets one rip and we catch wind of it we call her own and she can’t even look at us or she walks into the other room. I can’t imagine life without dogs! They make the world and our lives and hearts a better place!


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