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I was quite excited to see that I was tagged to do a blog post by the lovely Rebecca, thank you, I am more than happy to take part in this challenge. So, lets do this:

1) Favourite Mum Hack? I don’t have one. I see so many good ones though on Instagram and Pinterest but never tried one. Maybe that’s my next challenge/blog post: pick a mum hack and try it!

2) Most Embarrassing Mum Moment? I can’t think of one to be honest, I’m sure there is one, every mum has one right! Hm, maybe it will come to me. It it does I will pop it into the comments.

3) Favourite part of the day? Even though I complain a lot about how early Fletcher and Eden wake up, its definitely morning. Every morning without fail when they wake up they come in to the bedroom to wake me up and Fletcher is so sweet waking me up. They’re both so happy to see me and start their day and I’m happy to see them too. I miss them as crazy as that might seem and they’ve missed me too.

4) Worst part of the day? Those couple of hours before dinner time when everybody is starting to get tired and you don’t care if your child has stripped off and is running around the house naked because f*** it, it’s nearly bed time. Why is the time draggggging?

5) Worst thing someone said to you when pregnant?
When I was pregnant with Eden I was more podgy than I was with Fletcher so my bmi was just about in range to not need consultant care and I remember going for my first scan and having to see a midwife after who checked my height and weight and other things. She was a very large lady herself and she had the cheek to make a comment about my weight.

6) A baby name you disagreed on? When I was pregnant with Eden it was a nightmare thinking of a name. I wanted a name before we went to our 20 week scan so trying to decide on a girl and boy name was difficult. We both agreed on the name Eden, it just took us ages to find a name we loved, in fact I really didn’t think the other half would agree on it but I’m so glad he did. It was the boys name we disagreed on and I was absolutely gutted my other half hated the only boys name I absolutely loved. The name I was really set on was Ziggy, yeah I know, it’s really a bit weird but I loved it. In the end we settled on Teddy for a boy. With Fletcher, I always knew I wanted to call my son, should I have one, Fletcher. Luckily the other half was on board with that so I got my way with Fletcher.

7) Do you co-sleep?
No we don’t co-sleep. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable and safe doing so at all. However, when Eden was a newbie she had silent reflux and we soon discovered the only way she was happy sleeping at night was on the other half’s chest. I absolutely hated it, I was a nervous wreck. I’d often wake in the night just to check she was still on his chest and still breathing. Luckily it only lasted the first few months.

8) Baby products you never used?
Talcum powder, baby oil, cotton wool, swing, scratch mittens, bottle warmer.

9) Name 3 hospital bag must haves?
Definitely pads, lots of them although I found my blood loss both times no heavier than a normal period. Food, with Fletcher I didn’t pack any food and was absolutely starving only having the 3 small yucky hospital meals. With Eden I packed biscuits, crisps and sweets to suck and we both munched our way through those during labour and the short few hours at hospital after. Comfy pyjamas/clothes to wear for after birth. With Fletcher I just went home in my pyjamas, it was 8:30pm anyway and with Eden I packed leggings and t- shirts.

10) Are you a go with the flow or routine mum? A bit of both really. I kept to the routine when they were both younger but now they’re older I am more go with the flow, the only routine we strictly keep to now is bed time: bath, bed, story time.

11) What labour and pain relief did you have? With Fletcher I had pethidine at the start and was told it would help me to sleep. Absolute liars. I ended up having gas and air and an epidural in the end. With Eden just gas and air, I wanted an epidural and asked for one as soon as I arrived but I was already 8cm, damn it.

12) Have you ever been mum shamed?
Not so much really but there was this one time when I went to the doctors not long after I had Eden, can’t remember what for now but he asked how I was after having a baby and I happened to mention Eden having silent reflux (by this point she wasn’t prescribed anything to help) and he basically said it was my fault because I didn’t breast feed. I was a new mom, ok for a second time, and it made me feel useless. My health visitor has also made me feel useless on a few occasions, comments about Eden’s height and weight not matching and having me sign to say I was happy to receive healthy eating advice and her marking Eden behind at every check. Fffff off.

13) What have been the biggest challenges?
Adjusting to having two children with a 17 month age gap. I found becoming a first time mum easy, there was just one to look after. Two was a whole new kettle of fish and still is. In fact, its only gotten harder and more tiring as they’ve gotten older.

14) What is the best advice you’ve had or that you’ve given? Not sure I have given any good advice really, I’m just winging this motherhood like every other mum out there but I can tell you the one bit of advice that I absolutely hate. Sleep when baby sleeps. Honestly, if I am blessed to have any more babies in the future, if I hear that advice I will slap them. When are you supposed to shower, eat, clean etc? Oh right, when the baby is sleeping duh!

15) Who’s your mum crush?
Is it ok to say that I don’t have one? I follow so many lovely mummy’s on Instagram and I think they’re all great and doing the best job. Us mums have to stick together.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed answering the questions. I have chosen to tag Hannah to take on this challenge.


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