An interview with a toddler

I love the imagination that Fletcher has, he makes me laugh daily and some of the things he comes out with, I just don't know where he gets from! So, I thought that now might be a fun time to interview him especially for this post. This is what I asked Fletcher: 1. What is … Continue reading An interview with a toddler


Dear Fletcher

Dear Fletcher, You were mummy and daddy's rainbow baby. You'll never know how wanted you were. It took us 8 very long months to finally see that + sign and I was so scared of losing you that I needed to see that + sign every day for months. I tried to relax and enjoy … Continue reading Dear Fletcher

Dear Eden

Dear Eden, I write this letter to you as, my pretty girl, you're almost 2 years old. "Hello my pretty girl", I say this to you every morning when I greet you because I haven't seen you since yesterday and I'm so happy to see your pretty face, even your big brother says it too … Continue reading Dear Eden